maandag 23 januari 2012

Back in time

I wanted to share thes amazing retro pictures of some Social Media and Guitar Hero. When I saw these, I tought they were pretty cool. But well, I love vintage in any way. I think I'm born a few years late.

Do you have some amazing vintage pictures too? It can be anything, clothes, commercials, something that means a lot to you..

With love,

zondag 22 januari 2012

Miu, who?

Miu Miu, an amazing brand and I've just selected my fav's. Unfortunately it's too expensive for me and my wallet won't let my buy these amazing Miu Miu items. But I just saw an great DIY of the pink Miu Miu pumps so maybe I can make these. So now I'm looking for light pink pumps with a little belt around the ankle. I'll paint some birds on it and add some diamonts on it.

What are your fav's of Miu Miu or do you prefer another brand? Tell me all about it!

With love,

woensdag 18 januari 2012

Summer Vacation goes to....


Finally 'm going to the city of my dreams, Paris. We're going to visit the Place Du Tertre, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur and ofcourse The Eiffeltower and much much more. I can't wait to be there!
Did you ever visited France? What was it look like?
I'm so curious if it looks like the beautiful pictures, movies and stories everybody tells me about.
I'm so in love with this country. I wish I could go there for a year or so.. to discover everything, meet amazing new people, go to tiny villages and buy some bread and wine like the Frenchmen do. Wearing an typical French hat (I think nobody in France really does that).
This country, especially Paris, blows my mind away.

Do you allready know where you go to in the summer?!
I'm sure I'm having a blast in France!

With love,

dinsdag 17 januari 2012



in love with this tattoo

These are some pictures I wanted to share with you. What do you think?!

With love,

vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Shop My Closet Online!

Well, as you can see I reorganised my closet and cleaned it up. It really was a mess (it's obvious). I'm very exciting that this 'project' is online! I hope you'll see something between these items that makes a difference for your closet. Have fun checking it out, and I'll keep updating it.

With love,

donderdag 12 januari 2012

DIY: Strawberry keychain

Today I'm showing you a DIY. It's not very hard to do if you know how to sew.
Here we go:

What you need:

1. Fabric you like
2. Keychain
3. Needle & thread
4. Ribbon
5. Fabric for the leaves
6. A little rose
7. Glue Gun
8. Filling (I used cotton-wool)

1. If you have fabric, cut a circle out of it, then you make a pacman kinda shape in it. Then you fould it and sew the ends.

2. Fould it inside out and and fil it with cotton-wool. Then  you sew the border.

3. After sewing the border you have some thread hanging. Pull those threads so the fabric comes together like the pictures.

4. Then it's time for the leaves. Cut out a shape you want to use. Make a knob in the ribbon and a whole in the leaves. Pull the ribbon trough the leaves. Now use the glue gun. Glue this on the strawberry and glue the rose wherever you'd like to.


Have fun!
With love,

zondag 8 januari 2012


Portraits, so you can see who's talking to you all he time.
well, hi there! (the last one is a bit.. weird I guess)

How is everybody spending there weekend?
I had a birthday yesterday and today not much on planning.. Chilling in a sweatpants and a huge sweater.
Watching movies all day.
I'm going to watch "The September Issue". Never seen it before, but as a fashion lover, I need to watch it.

Well, I have a movie to watch so, stay tuned for my next post! Thanks for reading!

With Love,

zaterdag 7 januari 2012

Look of the day: Sneaker-way

What do you see?
Sweater - H&M
Leggings - Unknown
Shoes - All stars (picture made with instagram)
Nails - all kinds of colors
Big can of Green Iced Tea! (LOVE it, and it looks georgious)

This outfit is based on a day off just chilling in a big comfy sweater and sneakers. Make it stylish with a nice pair of leggings and cheer it up with some colorfull nails!

With love,

vrijdag 6 januari 2012


What do you see?
1. Shoes - Sacha 49,95
2. Shoes - Sacha 49.95
3. Shoes - Sacha 49.95
4. Shoes - Sacha 49.95
5. Zara Shoes (picture from:

I'm in love with all of these shoes, especially the Zara shoes! I want those so badly...
If anyone knows where I can get them, Let me know! It's a 911-Shoe emergancy!

What are your dream shoes?!

donderdag 5 januari 2012

Look of the day: Black & White

Lunch, tomatosoup with bread!

What am I wearing?
Dress - H&M
Neckless - H&M
Starry tights - Shoeby
Shoes - SchoenenReus