vrijdag 25 november 2011

Je t'aime Paris..

So, Paris.. I'm so in love with France! I really wish I would lived there. I'm actually kinda obsessed with Paris. I'm dreaming of great trips to Paris and meeting great people. France is a country that for me means very much.. I love the language, the people, the buildings, the little villages, the eiffeltower!
This is maybe one of my big dreams. To visit France and discover the city Paris. I'm so curious what it looks like.. i've only seen it in photographs.

Here I have a loveley film about Paris - Live The Language (hoping my trip will go the same, I love it)

What is your biggest dream? Doesn't have to do anything with traveling. Please commend and tell me what it is.. Maybe we're sharing some dreams..
If I have enough commends to this what everybody's dream is I'll post an part 2 about it..
Have fun dreaming and have a nice friday everybody!!

Thank you for reading my dream..

With love,

woensdag 23 november 2011

Glitter and Glamour

This post is about Glitter and Glamour. The pictures on top are pictures of some decoration in my home. I really adore them. They look phenomenal!
The glitter wedges are from H&M. I'm so in love with these shoes but I never worn them. They're pretty high so I can't walk long on them. It's too bad cause they're so pretty. Actually, it's a shame but hey, every girl should have something pretty!

One glamorous moment of me is when I get to know my boyfriend. He treated me like a princess and he does everything for me. So every minute with him is glamorous. Even if I'm wearing no makeup and laying on the coutch in front of the tv eating a whole bag of chips. (yes, i do sometimes) He still loves me.

Do you have amazing glitter-items? Doesn't matter if they're clothes, shoes or decorating..
And what is your ultimate glamorous moment?

With love,

dinsdag 22 november 2011

Hello, Atlantic Coast!

Hi there!

Here is my first official post. I want you to see some pictures of my trip to England a few years ago. I really want to go back someday! It's a wonderfull country with beautifull landscapes. First we drove near Fance so we could take the boat. It only took one hour to get in England. I'm not that boat kinda person.. I think it's scary but I survived. When we arrived we saw some amazing rocks (don't have a picture of it, sorry). Then the long drive begun. We drove to the Atlantic Coast of England and we drived trough London. It was amazing to see the surf-side of it. There were also all kinds of surf shops and tourist shops ofcourse.
I think in total we stayed on three or four campings. During the trip we couldn't resist to get a High-Tea. It was delicious and I deffinatly recommend this to all of you. We were also very lucky with the amazing weather. I think it was 25 degrees the whole week (you can't see that back in the pictures though).

I'm very curious what kinda trips did you guys made? Or do you have plans to make some amazing trips? And wich countries did you visited?

Thanks for reading!!

With love,

zondag 20 november 2011

Just say HELLO!

My trip to Austria

Wow hello!
I was just thinking after my last blog failed a little bit. Didn't post anything for a long long time.. I wanted to start with a fresh new beginning. So I opened my new blog: My Planet Galaxy!
I want to write about fashion, traveling, food and everything I love.

I really hope you guys support me on my journey to get to know myself and my love for fashion. I will try to post as much as I can.

Firt I'll introduce myself. My name is Rowan and I live in The Netherlands and I'm 20 years old. I didn't travel a lot but I'm really exciting to discover some new places and I promissed myself I'm going to do that! I can't really discribe my style in clothing. I pretty much love everything.. I like to dress up vintage or very chique. But you can also see me in sneakers and baggy trousers. I'm up for everything!

I'm looking foreward to meet new people who can join me on my journey.
Are you that person?!

Hope you enjoy my writing and see you next time on my first official post! If you're curious you just have to check out my page ;-)

See you next time!

From Holland with love,


PS. My photo quality is not that great but I've just begon saving money for a better camera. Just so you know :-)