maandag 25 juni 2012

Dancing Queen

These Lp's are hanging on a wall in my appartment. I think they look pretty cool. It depends on your taste but I like these different kinda thing then stuff that everybody has..

This outfit I really love, the skirt is amazing and very comfortable. These knock off Jeffrey Campell shoes are really amazing also. They maybe look uncomfortable but they aren't. They fit well, easy to walk on.. and deffinatly not "sitting-shoes".

Have a nice monday!

Top - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Skirt - Shoeby
Shoes - Kenzaa

zondag 24 juni 2012

Random talking

pictures are not mine. These are just pretty images I wanted to share with you.

Hi loveleys!

How did you spend your weekend?
Mine was about working, watching Lord Of The Rings and I had to go to a birthday. Besides that I didn't do much actually.

I ordered a Iphone case at Casetagram and hope it will be mine very soon!!!
This week will be a busy week.. I have to prepair my suitcase for a weekend at my moms. We have a wedding of my ouncle! They also have a dresscode: Prom-ish clothing!!

I will post you some pictures when the wedding is over ;-)
I deffinatly am excited for this wedding.. They're celabrating it in a Castle.. So dreamy and.. the perfect wedding.

There are only 2 weeks left for my vacation also.. I really can't wait for my train to Paris..
Do you recommend anything when I'm in Paris? Something I really have to see? Let me know!!!
Well, I leave you with some random pictures... (Things of my wishlist to be honest... damn, i love that galaxy printed tee)

My instagram is: rowann20
If you like, follow me there ;-)

Have a great sunday evening!!

xo xo

vrijdag 22 juni 2012


It really feels so warm today but with dark clouds so it's kinda difficult what to wear. I chose this see trough blouse with snake pattern. I really loving this blouse, it's sooo comfy!
And these fab shorts. Wow, these are my best buy ever. I love these, could wear them every second of the day.

It's Friday so, HAVE A NICE WEEKEND! :-D

Blouse - Primark
Shorts - Shoeby

donderdag 21 juni 2012


Wow, these shoes are high on top of my wish list. These shoes are of and called Nelly Shoes Jade. They are this beautifull light green colour, with amazing rose gold-ish detail on the point of the shoe. The texture, the heel, how it looks, the design, everything is right in this shoe.
It's perfect!

You can wear them with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, skirts, dresses.. actually with every single item you have in your closet!
I would wear them with a light denim boyfriend jeans, a peplum top on top of it and an amazing statement necklace. I think I would steal the show with these gorgeous on my feet!

You make everybody wanting them! has them also in different colours, like:


I want these in every single colour!!!
You can see them on the picture below:

Well, it's obvious...
Every girl should have this in their closet!

by the way, you can buy them for: EUR 64,95

woensdag 20 juni 2012

orange juice

I really like this cropped top! My boyfriend totally hates it and thinks it`s ugly. I enjoy this top because it`s shape, the print, everything seems right in this top. And the bodycon skirt is just as fine.
It fits so well, Not too big not too tight. Just, perfect.
The combination of these two.. It really brings the best above of each other.

 it`s just a really nice outfit. At least, i think so.

Have a nice day!

Cropped top - Paris
Skirt - Paris
Shoes - Miss Qoquin
Hairclip - DA

dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Color Splash

Outfit of the day! I felt happy and so  you see in the clothing i'm wearing.
I am really sorry for keep posting these lame mirror pictures of my outfit but I don't have anyone to take pictures of my outfits. My family lives on the other side of the country so you'll just have to do it with these I guess.

These items were actually really cheap ones.. I think my whole outfit cost like 70 euros..
Because the outfit is pretty colourful, I wanted to keep the rest as simple as can be.

Pants - Paris
Shirt - Vero Moda
Blazer - Jola
Shoes - Schoenen Reus

maandag 18 juni 2012

Self made

My mother made some amazing skirts for me. I can wear them in every season and they look so pretty!
Especially the ombre striped skirt is loveley

I'm sorry for this quick post, i'm on my phone so it's not the best quality but i wanted to share this with you! Do you make something for yourselve once in a while?

Have a nice day!!

donderdag 14 juni 2012


I have many, many favourites in my closet but here are a few..

Have a nice day! ;-)

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Almost there

I'm almost having my vacation, still for weeks to go.
I'm going to Paris and I'm so excited!! I'm trying to figure out what to bring with me...
Depends on the weather ofcourse.... Dresses, shorts, sweaters...

There are a few things I also deffinatly want to see at Paris..

- The Eiffeltower (ofcourse)
- Place du tetre
- Sacre coeur
- Rue de la fayette

Does any of you have some cool things I really have to see in Paris? Let me know!!
Also I want to go to a laduree bakery. Can't come home without the best macarons of Paris! ;-)
and finally going to the Sephora store to buy my favourite make-up pallette: Naked, Urban Decay 2!

So I'm leaving you now to dream on about Paris and counting down the weeks before I go...
Can't wait!!!!!!