zondag 22 juli 2012



Loving this look! Lateley I´m into a little bit rock-ish style but I think I do let is be chic also.
Not like a heavy punk or something but I like the edgy items you can put on. Like this hat and my all stars. It makes an outfit so different and like: me.

Everybody keeps telling my my clothes and what I wear is ugly or weird or something like that but I disagree. I think people are jealous that I dare to wear what I like, not what others would like to see me in. Yes, sometimes I doubt myself cause I can get a lot of comment on my way of wearing something, but let me be me and if you don't like what I'm wearing, look the other way.

What I'm wearing
Hat - H&M
Peplum-ish top - Primark
Leopard jeans - Vero Moda
Shoes - All stars
Bracelet - Primark

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