zondag 24 juni 2012

Random talking

pictures are not mine. These are just pretty images I wanted to share with you.

Hi loveleys!

How did you spend your weekend?
Mine was about working, watching Lord Of The Rings and I had to go to a birthday. Besides that I didn't do much actually.

I ordered a Iphone case at Casetagram and hope it will be mine very soon!!!
This week will be a busy week.. I have to prepair my suitcase for a weekend at my moms. We have a wedding of my ouncle! They also have a dresscode: Prom-ish clothing!!

I will post you some pictures when the wedding is over ;-)
I deffinatly am excited for this wedding.. They're celabrating it in a Castle.. So dreamy and.. the perfect wedding.

There are only 2 weeks left for my vacation also.. I really can't wait for my train to Paris..
Do you recommend anything when I'm in Paris? Something I really have to see? Let me know!!!
Well, I leave you with some random pictures... (Things of my wishlist to be honest... damn, i love that galaxy printed tee)

My instagram is: rowann20
If you like, follow me there ;-)

Have a great sunday evening!!

xo xo

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