dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Almost there

I'm almost having my vacation, still for weeks to go.
I'm going to Paris and I'm so excited!! I'm trying to figure out what to bring with me...
Depends on the weather ofcourse.... Dresses, shorts, sweaters...

There are a few things I also deffinatly want to see at Paris..

- The Eiffeltower (ofcourse)
- Place du tetre
- Sacre coeur
- Rue de la fayette

Does any of you have some cool things I really have to see in Paris? Let me know!!
Also I want to go to a laduree bakery. Can't come home without the best macarons of Paris! ;-)
and finally going to the Sephora store to buy my favourite make-up pallette: Naked, Urban Decay 2!

So I'm leaving you now to dream on about Paris and counting down the weeks before I go...
Can't wait!!!!!!

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