dinsdag 22 november 2011

Hello, Atlantic Coast!

Hi there!

Here is my first official post. I want you to see some pictures of my trip to England a few years ago. I really want to go back someday! It's a wonderfull country with beautifull landscapes. First we drove near Fance so we could take the boat. It only took one hour to get in England. I'm not that boat kinda person.. I think it's scary but I survived. When we arrived we saw some amazing rocks (don't have a picture of it, sorry). Then the long drive begun. We drove to the Atlantic Coast of England and we drived trough London. It was amazing to see the surf-side of it. There were also all kinds of surf shops and tourist shops ofcourse.
I think in total we stayed on three or four campings. During the trip we couldn't resist to get a High-Tea. It was delicious and I deffinatly recommend this to all of you. We were also very lucky with the amazing weather. I think it was 25 degrees the whole week (you can't see that back in the pictures though).

I'm very curious what kinda trips did you guys made? Or do you have plans to make some amazing trips? And wich countries did you visited?

Thanks for reading!!

With love,

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  1. beautifull pictures
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  2. Amazing pics!!!!!I've been in Englan twice and I fall in love with it!!! :) I've been also in Spain.. I'd like to visit the north of Europe (Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark etc.)in fact I'm planning the travel with my friends :D