vrijdag 25 november 2011

Je t'aime Paris..

So, Paris.. I'm so in love with France! I really wish I would lived there. I'm actually kinda obsessed with Paris. I'm dreaming of great trips to Paris and meeting great people. France is a country that for me means very much.. I love the language, the people, the buildings, the little villages, the eiffeltower!
This is maybe one of my big dreams. To visit France and discover the city Paris. I'm so curious what it looks like.. i've only seen it in photographs.

Here I have a loveley film about Paris - Live The Language (hoping my trip will go the same, I love it)

What is your biggest dream? Doesn't have to do anything with traveling. Please commend and tell me what it is.. Maybe we're sharing some dreams..
If I have enough commends to this what everybody's dream is I'll post an part 2 about it..
Have fun dreaming and have a nice friday everybody!!

Thank you for reading my dream..

With love,

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  1. Beauuuutiful post about Paris! Who wouldn't like to live there...? that's one of my dreams; which I hope someday will become true :)

    Nice blog ;)I'm following it!