zondag 20 november 2011

Just say HELLO!

My trip to Austria

Wow hello!
I was just thinking after my last blog failed a little bit. Didn't post anything for a long long time.. I wanted to start with a fresh new beginning. So I opened my new blog: My Planet Galaxy!
I want to write about fashion, traveling, food and everything I love.

I really hope you guys support me on my journey to get to know myself and my love for fashion. I will try to post as much as I can.

Firt I'll introduce myself. My name is Rowan and I live in The Netherlands and I'm 20 years old. I didn't travel a lot but I'm really exciting to discover some new places and I promissed myself I'm going to do that! I can't really discribe my style in clothing. I pretty much love everything.. I like to dress up vintage or very chique. But you can also see me in sneakers and baggy trousers. I'm up for everything!

I'm looking foreward to meet new people who can join me on my journey.
Are you that person?!

Hope you enjoy my writing and see you next time on my first official post! If you're curious you just have to check out my page ;-)

See you next time!

From Holland with love,


PS. My photo quality is not that great but I've just begon saving money for a better camera. Just so you know :-)

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  1. HI dear! welcome!! You look determinate! best wishes!! ;D my blog is right about travel and food :D maybe you'll like it, have a look: http//thetraveleater.com/