woensdag 23 november 2011

Glitter and Glamour

This post is about Glitter and Glamour. The pictures on top are pictures of some decoration in my home. I really adore them. They look phenomenal!
The glitter wedges are from H&M. I'm so in love with these shoes but I never worn them. They're pretty high so I can't walk long on them. It's too bad cause they're so pretty. Actually, it's a shame but hey, every girl should have something pretty!

One glamorous moment of me is when I get to know my boyfriend. He treated me like a princess and he does everything for me. So every minute with him is glamorous. Even if I'm wearing no makeup and laying on the coutch in front of the tv eating a whole bag of chips. (yes, i do sometimes) He still loves me.

Do you have amazing glitter-items? Doesn't matter if they're clothes, shoes or decorating..
And what is your ultimate glamorous moment?

With love,

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