maandag 26 december 2011


When I came homq saturday from work, the table was all set to eat. With some romantic candles. My boyfriend just did that for me. We eated a lot! It's Christmas so you can..
We also drank some beer and wine and made it a great Christmas Eve together. First Christmas day we went to his family.. every family member has to cook something.. we made salad. Everybody did their best and everything was delicious.
Now it's second Christmas day and we're planning to wach movies in our pyjamas all day long. With some great yummy stuff and everything that is totally not healthy food at all.  Only for today tough.

I got some cinema tickets for Christmas so this week on planning: Cinema, shopping, diner at restaurant and make it a great week. And next weekend: NEW YEARS EVE! I'm so excited for that.
I'm going to look for my most glamorous outfit I have (Or buying it, I got a fashion cheque for Christmas too!!) and make myself the most beautifull I can (even tough, I'm going to try). And party all night long with amazing fireworks!

Now I'm going to eat my breakfast and get ready for movie-day.

Enjoy your week and see ya soon!!
Hope you all had a loveley Christmas.

With Love,

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