donderdag 1 december 2011


These are some inspirational pictures i've found. I can look at them for hours and dream about alot of things.. the interiour pictures are giving me some amazing ideas for my appartment. We decided to change a lot of things in here. We wanna make a walk in closet of a bedroom and we want to change the bedroom into a little paradise.

Did you ever changed your bedroom? And do you have some ideas for me? Or do you have inspirational pictures to help me?

If you have an incredibel bedroom, Show me!!! Then we do a bedroom post if I have enough emails.
Just e-mail a picture of your bedroom, tell a story of what is special in your bedroom or some special memories and I'll make a whole post of a couple bedrooms of you guys!!!

Allright, Good luck everybody! Looking foreward to see all your bedrooms with special memories!

Have a nice day today!!


With love,

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  1. mmm... i'm hungry now
    nice blog, sweetie
    I'm your follower now. hope you could do the same for me