vrijdag 9 december 2011

St. Nicholas

At the 5th of December there's a Dutch tradition called: St. Nicholas..
It's almost like Christmas. You get some presents and I don't know how to name it in English.. but me and my boyfriend played "zwarte piet".
I'll show you some photo's of this tradition...

Christmas stuff!!

Snake-print tights

Cup of tea to hang up in the Christmas Tree

As "Zwarte Piet"

Well, these are just a few presents I got. I got a lot more but if I have to take pictures of all of them.. Pffew.
Did you also celebrated St. Nicholas? It really was a fun weekend. First we went out for diner at a loveley restaurant called "Oppe Berg". After that we went home with the family and opened presents and believe me, there were a lot!

Me and my boyfriend also buy each other presents for Christmas eve. We also ordered our food allready and we're going to make a Christmas to never forget! It's our first Christmas in our own home! Ofcourse we're going to family too.
What are your plans for Christmas? And do you celebrate it with presents?

Happy, happy holidays you all!!

With love,

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