donderdag 8 december 2011



Sorry it's such long time ago!! I'm so busy with a lot of things.. lot of plans in my head of what I
want to do in the future and just dreaming about it. I'm also busy with making my home look like Christmas!!
This post is about some stuff I love. Here´s a (small) list...

Fashion Travel Food Vintage Blogging  (Online) shopping
Makeup  My cat  My boyfriend  Family  Nailpolish
Vacation  Summer  Winter Reading  Christmas tree
My appartment  Candles  Sleeping  Weekend
Music  My phone  (taking) pictures  Presents
Interiour Design  Second Hand Stores  Chocolat milk

Of course there is much more but I think these are one of my fav's. Do you also have a list of things you love? Or love to do?  Express yourselve with these words and found out what you love.

I'm curious what you guys love!!!!

You can also ask me questions.. just e-mail them to:
Maybe I'll make an question-answer post!! You can ask me anything!!
Ofcourse you can also commend me!

Okay, see you in my next post.

With love,

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